LotteryMaster Administration LadyLotteryMaster – The Easy Solution to Your Lottery Administration

Let LotteryMaster improve your Lottery Administration, and save you money. LotteryMaster’s modern interface gives you a powerful, fast and easy-to-use environment.

LotteryMaster facilitates over £200, 000 a week in ticket sales for hospice lotteries across the U.K.

“An exceptional service.”  Read a testimonial from a current user.


DrawMaster  – For a Quick & Easy Draw!

DrawMaster is a comprehensive, fast and easy-to-use package to help you administer your prize draws more efficiently.

Take a five minute break, pour a cup of tea or coffee and turn on your speakers to watch our ‘Introducing DrawMaster’ video.

GiftWise Administration  – For Gift Aid payments and claims

HMRC compatible

Most of the Roman Catholic, and many Church of England, dioceses of the UK use Carn Software to process their Gift Aid claims.

Currently over 75% of Roman Catholic Gift Aids claimed in the UK are managed by our software.

Carn Software designed and produced GiftWise for Parishes specifically for parishes, to help them administer both old-style Covenants and the new Gift Aid payments.