A Pirate Adventure in Leamington Spa at the Annual HLA

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It’s almost a fortnight ago now, although it seems much shorter, since Deborah and I attended the annual HLA Conference at Woodland Grange hotel in Leamington Spa.  It was a departure from Stratford upon Avon in recent years, but it was a grand setting and a lovely change of scenery.

Taking place over the course of two days, the conference is a great chance to catch up with our current users, chat to new customers and showcase our software to all.

We also enjoyed chatting to other fundraising providers about forming potential partnerships.

The Theme for the annual HLA

There was a pirate theme for the conference this year, with requests for each person to take away at least one “golden nugget”!  Carn Software were happy to provide just that with our latest software offering, a HospiceMaster demonstration.

However we were offering an alternative nugget of pirate treasure in the form of a Tunnock’s tea cake.

Tunnocks Teacakes at the annual HLA

Carn Software at the HLA Conference 2017

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HLA Annual conference 2017

HLA Conference 2017

Carn Software are pleased to return to the HLA Conference (Hospice Lotteries Association) from Wednesday 13th September to Thursday 14th September 2017. This year it takes place at Woodland Grange Hotel in Leamington Spa.

Neil Kelly and Deborah Lee will be on site in the exhibition area ready to answer any questions you have about our current software – LotteryMaster and DrawMaster!

There will also be a chance to have a look at our soon-to-be released software – HospiceMaster!

Coming Soon - HospiceMaster! HLA Conference


Carn Software has designed HospiceMaster, our latest fundraising solution, specifically with your hospice in mind.

It is a comprehensive package, which fully integrates with LotteryMaster for a seamless, all encompassing fundraising administration solution.

HospiceMaster provides the tools your hospice needs to build and maintain lasting relationships with your supporters.

Essentially, our software will save you time and money by streamlining all your administration tasks into one easy to maintain package.

HospiceMaster will record the details of all donors, lottery players, supporters, events and payments, giving you a comprehensive reporting facility to help boost your fundraising activities and raise the profile of your hospice.

See you there!

If you are currently using either our LotteryMaster or DrawMaster packages, it would be lovely to catch up with you and find out how you are getting on with your lotteries and what your plans are for the coming months.

We are committed to providing your hospice with our first rate service every step of the way.

We hope to see you next week – please do pop by out stand to say hello to Neil and Deborah!


Hospice Lotteries Association 2017

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HLA Annual Conference, woodland Grange hotel, Leamington Spa


Carn Software are again returning to the Hospice Lotteries Association Annual Conference.  This year it’s taking place at the Woodland Grange Hotel in Leamington Spa on Wednesday 13th and Thursday 14th of September. This is a new venue for the conference this year and will be a lovely change of scenery!


Neil Kelly and Deborah Lee will be in attendance at the Carn Software stall to demonstrate the LotteryMaster and DrawMaster software and also answer any questions you have.  It’s also a lovely chance to catch up with our current customers and have a chat – please do pop by the stand and say hello!

Look out for Neil Kelly’s full conference report on his return in September!


Try This Easy Quick Tip to Easily Replace Cheque Numbers

Replace Cheque Numbers in LotteryMaster

Replace Cheque Numbers Video Demo

Do you need to replace cheque numbers in LotteryMaster?  What happens if you have completed your draw but one or more of your cheques have jammed in the printer?

This quick video demonstration shows exactly how to quickly solve this issue!

This ensures all your records are kept up to date with your bank statement.

Please make sure your volume is adjusted. 

I hope this helps in the future!

Call us if you have any further queries about your LotteryMaster on 0845 345 1002 or email support@carnsoftware.co.uk

If you would like an on-site, no obligation demonstration of LotteryMaster, please call James McKelvie on 0845 345 1002, or email james@carnsoftware.co.uk.


Quick and easy demo of how to add a new tax year

Adding a New Tax Rate/Year

Demo Image Tax Rate

Sometimes if a procedure is only carried out once a year by a user in GiftWise, it can sometimes need refreshing.  Therefore, it is always handy to have a quick demo to refer back to.  I thought I would create this short video to demonstrate how to add a new Tax Rate.

In GiftWise for Parishes at the start of the new financial year users are required to set up the parameters for the new tax rate.  Take a look at this video to see the series of short steps that are involved.

Please make sure your volume is adjusted. 

I hope this helps in the future!

call us if you have any further queries about your software on 0845 345 1002 or email support@carnsoftware.co.uk

GiftWise – Administration software to assist the recording of Gift Aid payments and claims

Now compatible with HMRC Gift Aid small donations scheme and online claiming

How to engage followers with social media?


YouTube - Social Media

Subsribe to our channel to get the latest video content including showcases and product tutorials.

Carn Software has recently expanded its social media channels with LinkedIn, Twitter and now YouTube!

Social media is a communicative resource ready and waiting for businesses like us connecting with their customer base.  YouTube was the final avenue we felt needed exploring as we have a lot of video content packaged with our products already e.g. video tutorials.

We will also showcase products here to new customers like the DrawMaster video in our previous blog entry.

Join us on Social Media

Please visit any of our outlets to keep up to date with the company and products. This blog also blasts onto those channels reminding you when we have updated with a new post or article.

So please connect with us by clicking any of these buttons!

4 Super Steps To A Super Draw With DrawMaster

Do you run a “Summer Super Draw” or a “Mid Summer Draw Raffle”?

These extra Super Draws can raise much needed funds for your hospice, perhaps enough to cover the full cost of your day hospice for a month.

DrawMaster Video Image - Super Draw

Easy Super Draw

Our DrawMaster software was written specifically for these super draws and it works in four easy steps:

  1. Setup (import mailing house spreadsheet)
  2. Wait for the tickets to arrive at the hospice
  3. Enter the tickets using the ticket number
  4. Draw the winning prizes

I’d like to expand on the steps.

  1. Your mailing house sends out the raffle tickets, they send you a spreadsheet containing name/address/ticket range for each player and we import this file into DrawMaster
  2. Wait for the tickets coming in.
  3. From the mailing house data, DrawMaster knows the ticket range each player was sent, so data entry is very easy. Simply enter the ticket number and DrawMaster will display all of the tickets in the range for that player.
    • DrawMaster uses a tick box system to record tickets
    • If a ticket is sold to another player, you can add “other” personal details to the ticket
    • DrawMaster can record extra donations (Gift Aid and non Gift Aid)
    • DrawMaster can record if a donor would like an acknowledgement letter
  4. Once all of your tickets have been entered, the winner is picked at the touch of a button

Take a look at our short video demonstration here.

All of our DrawMaster users have already started their summer super draw campaign, make yours easier with DrawMaster!


Quick Guide to End of Year Success!

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It’s that time again – Year End Routine

Each year we receive many support calls from FundsMaster users concerned about carrying out the End of Year or Year End Routine function.  Most worry that they will either lose or damage their data. Some are simply unsure of what the routine actually does and/or assume that it is a highly complex procedure. This post will hopefully answer any questions you have about it.  In truth, it is very simple.

3 step picture to Year End Routine

Remember – there is nothing to fear about the end of year!

**The most important step before carrying out the end of year routine is to backup your data**

We recommend taking backups on 2 separate USB drives.  Once you have done this, there is nothing to worry about. You always have the option to restore your data back to its pre-End of Year Routine state.

Q:           What does the End of Year Routine do?

A:            The End of Year Routine deletes all reconciled credits, debits and Inactive Funds (Funds no longer required in the Next financial year). It transfers the current balances on your bank account/s and funds to the opening balances for the new financial year and automatically advances the dates of your financial year. Any unreconciled credits or debits are carried forward and the final balances in the inactive funds are transferred to the School Fund.

A more detailed explanation of the Year End Routine Routine can be found on page 40 of the FundsMaster manual located on your FundsMaster CD.

The End of Year Screen has 3 checks to confirm you are ready to click!

If you are still unsure of any aspect of the End of Year Routine, please call  0845 345 1002.  I or any of my colleagues will be happy to answer any questions.

Alternatively Email Us Now!

From Old Caledonia to New Caledonia

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Carn Software travels further than ever before!

A customer from New Caledonia in the South Pacific recently contacted us to purchase ParishRegister for his parishioners in the Diocese of Nouméa on the island.  From our offices in Coatbridge (Scotland) I had several emails back and forth with him. We chatted about the lovely weather and the different time zones we were both in.  I looked up New Caledonia, having not really known much about this Pacific Paradise.  This was the first picture I found!

Blue Water of New Caledonia

Araucaria columnaris, New Caledonia.  By my LifeShow from Paris, France – NC21, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=10256278

Some facts

New Caledonia is a special collectivity of France, located in the southwest Pacific and east of Australia.  As French is one of the main languages there, the customer had requested the reports, which output from our software be translated into French.  Many aspects of our software titles can be customised and we always work closely with the client to deliver what they want.

New Caledonia was named so by Captain James Cook, during his second voyage in 1774.  Cook first sighted the islands on 4th September 1774 and he thought the north east of the island reminded him of Scotland!  One may presume the photograph above is NOT from the north east!

I have put myself forward for some onsite training….I enjoyed finding out about this part of the world….







Meet Anne!

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Anne McKenna header image

Hi, my name is Anne McKenna and I am a part time Administration Assistant at Carn Software.  I joined the team in 2012 to take care of Invoicing, credit control and other office admin duties.  In addition I also work in a Solicitors Office part time, which I have done for almost 30 years. I started off as a receptionist/secretary and am now assistant cashier.  Both jobs are so different I enjoy having such a varied week.

A little bit about me

For the best part of 15 years I have travelled as a volunteer helper with an organisation called HCPT, which takes disabled and disadvantaged children on a week’s Pilgrimage holiday to Lourdes.  The week can be hard work but very rewarding with much laughter and tears along the way!  Singing, laughter, fancy dress parties and day trips are just some of the activities which take place during the  week.  This goes a long way in making the week a great and memorable time for both the children and helpers alike.  Some of my best holidays have definitely been during my time in Lourdes, where I have met many great friends along the way.

In my spare time I like to spend time with family and friends, whether it be at home or away for weekends.  I also like walking, reading, listening to folk music and eating out – my favourite food being Italian!