Administer the Baptismal, Marriage, Confirmation and Death records for your parish

ParishRegisterIV, an update for the popular ParishRegister programme, was released in April 2006. ParishRegisterIV allows the parish to store its Baptismal, Marriage, Confirmation and Death registers electronically, and to access and analyse the information easily.

As genealogical research is becoming ever more popular, it is more important now than ever to have parish records easily accessible. ParishRegisterIV has powerful, yet easy-to-use search facilities for all sacraments.

Easy entry of historical sacramental data.

Easy search facility for all sacraments.

Baptismal Certificate printing.

Graphical facility for each sacrament.

Statistical analysis.

Storing and viewing of register page images - no need to access original registers.

Unlimited capacity for all sacraments.

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screenshot of parishregsiter screenshot of parishregsiter